Food for Healthy Hair :)

Fiber: you can found it in cereals and vegetables and fruit

Proteins: meat, fish, eggs,milk

Water: drink 8 glasses a day

Olive Oil: cook with it instead of using butter or other stuff

Onion, garlic, apples and nuts

Avocado and homemade trail mix



In's and Out's of September :)

In's :)

1.Watch films while eating & drinking :)
2.Painting my nails: I love OPI, Astor and Bourjois nail polishes
3.Grey: I used to be a BLACK girl, now I am a GREY girl, so imagine how happy I felt when I open a magazine and it says that grey is the colour of the season :)
4.Twitter: I love writing and reading what people do


1.Waking up early in the morning when it's cold
2. Homework and having to go to school
3. Cloudy days
4. When you're so tired that makeup just can't help you

A Long Time

Hi! It's been a really long time since I wrote thing... I forgot my password and yesterday I found a paper with it so here I am :) I now it, I'm dumb but here I am again lol

check out my friend's youtube channel and if you like subscribe to her :)



So I just wanted so say hi everyone that reads my blog :)
I've been very busy with my final exams so now I'm gonna have a lot of time to write here.
Firstly I wanted to share with you a video from YOutube, it's recorded by 3 friends of mine, I love this look, you're not able to apreciate it on the video but if you try it on it looks really cool, it just makes you look with little make up but it makes a difference, and I don't say it because they're my friends lol.
I'll leave here the link, I would like you to loeave a comment and continue following it, they will be so happy if they recibe comments :)

The channel is:

The video is:

So have a nice week
See you soon


A long timee..

I know it's been a long time since I last wrote here, but it's been a crazy time I ahve exmas every week and I have no time to go shopping or write here, I've found some interesting webs and I'll post them soon!
ANd I ahve a GREAT new.. I'm traveling to U.S.A to Texas OMG I'm so excited!

SO I have to ask you... what do you think I should buy being there? SOmething I can't miss because is only sold in U.S.A ??

have a nice week


Next haul

Now I have earned some money I'm thinking of what to buy because I really need eyeshadows (I don't really have) I want from MAC:

_ Woodwinked (love it)
_ A paint pot (don't know which color yet)
_ A rouge lipgloss
_ Angel lipstick (is it avaiable?)

I'm also buying for sephora another eyeliner I think in purple, because I ahve in green and light blue.

I also want an eyeshadow palette with some colors, because I have one neutral one but I don't really have some eyeshadows colours like blue, green, purple or pinks. Which one you recommend me? I've looked for the 88 coastal palette, but they can't send it to Madrid where I live :( So if you any from, Bobby Brown, L'oreal , MAC or whatever, make me know!

See you xoxo


i LOVE her styLe.*

I discovered her a few days ago and she has become one of my fashion icons. I leave here some of her pic's posted in her blog. i HEART them :) Check her blog here

Tell me, who is your fashion icon? Do you have one or more? I wanna know :)

See more at here blog, click here
Gala's Gonzalez blog

My new naiL color

It's purple, you can't totally apreciate it in the photos, so excuse me. It's a deep purple with a little shine, I love it.. Really really nice ;) It's from Sephora it doesn't mention any number or anme so it's purple and the "brush" is silver.

Fashion DIscovery :)

I'm hooked on Gala's Gonzalez fashion blog, I LOVE her style. Check her :

Gala's Gonzalez Blog


Blush Review

A week ago I bought sunbasque, sheertone shimmer blush from MAC, I really heart it! Yesterday I decided to look at my make up collection and organise it because it was messy. I noticed I had 6 different blushes and I only used one (the MAC one). So I'm going to do a review of all the blushes I have. I WANT YOUR OPINION! I'm going to compare:

Sunbasque, sheertone shimmer blush from MAC

Rosewood 04 from L'oreal Paris

Glam Bronze (I used it like a blush) carribean sun 03 from L'oreal too

Blushes from the palette Urban Seductress from Rimmel

I use to buy make up products from L'oreal, Bourjois, Rimmel London etc Then I discovered MAC and Sephora (I LOVE them) and now I practically buy everything there.

Here you can see them in there boxes...

I have a problem because you can't see the text... So on the top from left to right you have the MAC blush and Glam Bronze from L'oreal. At the bottom from left to right you can see Rosewood 04 from L'oreal Paris and the three blushes from Rimmel London.

Here they all are swatched...

Again you can't see the words (if anyone knows how can I solve this problem, pleas email me or comment with the answer). So from the top you have: Carribean sun 03 from L'oreal, Sheertone shimmer blush from MAC and Rosewood 04 from L'oreal Paris.

Here you have the three blushes, they aren't too dramatic and my cammera isn't great so I don't know if you can appreciate the blushes.

My favorite is the MAC one, but the others are cool too.

Leave your opinion, I wanna know!