In's and Out's of September :)

In's :)

1.Watch films while eating & drinking :)
2.Painting my nails: I love OPI, Astor and Bourjois nail polishes
3.Grey: I used to be a BLACK girl, now I am a GREY girl, so imagine how happy I felt when I open a magazine and it says that grey is the colour of the season :)
4.Twitter: I love writing and reading what people do


1.Waking up early in the morning when it's cold
2. Homework and having to go to school
3. Cloudy days
4. When you're so tired that makeup just can't help you

A Long Time

Hi! It's been a really long time since I wrote thing... I forgot my password and yesterday I found a paper with it so here I am :) I now it, I'm dumb but here I am again lol

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