So I just wanted so say hi everyone that reads my blog :)
I've been very busy with my final exams so now I'm gonna have a lot of time to write here.
Firstly I wanted to share with you a video from YOutube, it's recorded by 3 friends of mine, I love this look, you're not able to apreciate it on the video but if you try it on it looks really cool, it just makes you look with little make up but it makes a difference, and I don't say it because they're my friends lol.
I'll leave here the link, I would like you to loeave a comment and continue following it, they will be so happy if they recibe comments :)

The channel is:

The video is:

So have a nice week
See you soon


Victoria said...

Lovely blog! And I love the picture on your blog header - the makeup is stunning!

Check out my blog if you can. xx


Cat said...

The only thing I can think of is getting some of our drugstore brands that they don't sell in Spain. I'm adding new posts to my blog check it out. I would love if you made a shoutout post including me. I would make one for you but I don't have any followers haha. Have a wonderful day lady