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I was fed up of my 3€ awful brushes and I decided to throw all of them to the bin. So I found I couldn't make up myself (wow a really intelligent deduction lol) so I went to Elle's Youtube channel and watch her video about her brushes must haves (all from MAC what a surprise lol); I really don't have too much money right now, so I could only afford 2 brushes and I think I did a really good choice. I don't use foundation, concealer and all that stuff so I don't need any brush for that. Finally I decided to buy one for blush and another one for eyes. Both cost me 65 € really cheap, because I compared prizes with Bobby Brown and Sephora and the were more expensive, the eyes brush costed exactly the same 27€ but the blush ones were really more expensive:


MAC 38€
Bobby Brown 42€
Sephora 47€

I now realize that the eye brush in Sephora was cheaper (21€ I think) but a year ago I used a Sephora brush and I didn't like it very much, so I decided to buy both in MAC.

The result:
They're AMAZING! OMG they're the best brushes I've ever tried, a frined of mine has Bobby Brown's brushes and they're pretty good but I prefer MAC they're cheaper and better.

The brushes I bought were:
Blush............ 129

Here is a video with an idea of how to customize your brushes I`ve done it with my brushes with silver nail polishment, they look so cute!! The video it's form Elle's Youtube Channel

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Stacy said...

I love Elle! I need to get some new brushes, so I'm saving up for a couple of MAC ones. This makes me want them more now!