Blush Review

A week ago I bought sunbasque, sheertone shimmer blush from MAC, I really heart it! Yesterday I decided to look at my make up collection and organise it because it was messy. I noticed I had 6 different blushes and I only used one (the MAC one). So I'm going to do a review of all the blushes I have. I WANT YOUR OPINION! I'm going to compare:

Sunbasque, sheertone shimmer blush from MAC

Rosewood 04 from L'oreal Paris

Glam Bronze (I used it like a blush) carribean sun 03 from L'oreal too

Blushes from the palette Urban Seductress from Rimmel

I use to buy make up products from L'oreal, Bourjois, Rimmel London etc Then I discovered MAC and Sephora (I LOVE them) and now I practically buy everything there.

Here you can see them in there boxes...

I have a problem because you can't see the text... So on the top from left to right you have the MAC blush and Glam Bronze from L'oreal. At the bottom from left to right you can see Rosewood 04 from L'oreal Paris and the three blushes from Rimmel London.

Here they all are swatched...

Again you can't see the words (if anyone knows how can I solve this problem, pleas email me or comment with the answer). So from the top you have: Carribean sun 03 from L'oreal, Sheertone shimmer blush from MAC and Rosewood 04 from L'oreal Paris.

Here you have the three blushes, they aren't too dramatic and my cammera isn't great so I don't know if you can appreciate the blushes.

My favorite is the MAC one, but the others are cool too.

Leave your opinion, I wanna know!



Kari Lynn said...

I like the MAC one too! Thanks for the comment. I'm really glad you stopped by my blog, I've added beauty blogs that I visit to my blog so I will be sure to add you.

Yelena said...

Your blushes are all very pretty. To be honest, I am a huge fan of MAC but I equally appreciate all other brands. Very pretty!

bubblegarm said...

lovely blog.. loving ur reviews.. great swatches too! xx

mszcheysser said...

All of them look pretty! What happened to the one that broke? But to my opinion, the MAC one looks pretty good. :)

So you're from Spain? How is it there?

AbcGrrrL said...

looks like you like your cheeks nice and peachy :) i like the MAC one too !

Amy said...

@ mszcheysser Yes, I'm from Spain so my english isn't perfect so excuse any mistakes. I love living in Madrid I can find every shop related to beauty and fashion :)

@ AbcGrrrL
Yes because roses make me look like a doll and look very dramatic on my skin

pastel19 said...

Great swatches! They all look really pretty :)

✿Ji✿ said...

Hey girl thx for visiting my blog!^-^
The broken blush reminds me of my broken black eyeshadow, it just committed suicide yesterday!XD