Next haul

Now I have earned some money I'm thinking of what to buy because I really need eyeshadows (I don't really have) I want from MAC:

_ Woodwinked (love it)
_ A paint pot (don't know which color yet)
_ A rouge lipgloss
_ Angel lipstick (is it avaiable?)

I'm also buying for sephora another eyeliner I think in purple, because I ahve in green and light blue.

I also want an eyeshadow palette with some colors, because I have one neutral one but I don't really have some eyeshadows colours like blue, green, purple or pinks. Which one you recommend me? I've looked for the 88 coastal palette, but they can't send it to Madrid where I live :( So if you any from, Bobby Brown, L'oreal , MAC or whatever, make me know!

See you xoxo


Cris said...

Sephora made one :D, you can see it here ;D. (This one also has lip and cheek colours.) I hope they sell it in European Sephoras too :).
And there's Bobbi Brown Brights, but that one's expensive and the shadows are quite small. The colours are lovely though ^_^.

Amy said...

It's great! Thank you :)

Crystal said...

if you want the CS palette, maybe you can go check ebay and find a seller that will ship to madrid? as for mac paintpots, soft ochre seems to be a popular choice.

Cat said...

For the paintpots rubenesque *I think that is how you spell it* is a very poular choice and it looks gorgeous in person. It looks coppery.

*Check out my blog www.luckytom08.blogspot.com

Cat said...

Did you end up getting any of these things?